Thesis on aromatic rice

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Dissertation & Thesis

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Dissertation & Thesis

Md. Abdul Maleque Talukder, Reg. #PhD (Agronomy), in Winter Tillage, mulch and irrigation effects on soil physical properties.

Aromatic rice varieties have occupied about % of the total transplanted aman rice cultivation (BBS, ). The sources of nutrients in for crops are nutrient reserve of soil, organic and inorganic fertilizers.

In recent years, aromatic rice has been introduced to the global market. Aromatic rice has great potential to attract rice consumer for its taste and deliciousness, and high price to boost up the economic condition of the rice grower in.

The flower has been used in aromatherapy and traditional medicine.

In this study, two varieties of aromatic rice (Oryza sativa L.) BRRI Dhan 50 (Bangla Moti) and BRRI Dhan 34 (Khaskhani) were used to establish a suitable system for callus initiation and regeneration. RICE PRODUCTION IN GHANA: PAST, PDF Analysis of Japanese Exports and Imports of Rice This thesis investigates and analyzes Japanese exports and imports of rice from Aromatic rice accounts for 10 of the rice market; and Glutinous rice makes up Biochemical Analysis of Rice - UK Essays Biochemical and nutritional aspects of rice; Rice is a major.

Thesis on aromatic rice
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