Labour market context

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EI Monitoring and Assessment Report 2012/13 Chapter 1: Labour Market Context

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Labour Market Context Essay Sample

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Labour Market Context

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Chapter Objectives • To define internal and external labour markets • To outline the role of HRM as the interface between an organisation and its labour markets. The Canadian labour market: setting the context Composition of the Canadian labour force The Canadian labour force (as defined by Statistics Canada) consists of the civilian non-institutional population 15 years of age and over who are employed or unemployed.

Labour Market

Labour Market Context Essay Sample. Chapter Objectives • To define internal and external labour markets • To outline the role of HRM as the interface between an organisation and its labour markets.

The 11th International Days of Statistics and Economics, Prague, Septembercomposition and location of your workforce. changes in production will accompany changes to the labour market Now we discuss about general trends in labour market in the context of Industry The Labour Market Context of HRM 4 Introduction The purpose of this chapter is to provide an assessment of the contemporary labour market context of HRM and the impact of current trends in labour supply and demand on the practices associated with HRM.

Labour market. Labour market context Economic overview Canada’s real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rebounded in the fiscal year beginning on April 1, and ending on March 31, (FY), increasing by %, following its slowest growth rate recorded since the to recession (+% in FY).

Labour market context
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